Mix it up

Create, analyse, improve and manage your test questions in the online management portal. Combine multiple choice questions, open questions, hot spot questions, sorting or drag and drop questions, and cases into a test recipe fit for any purpose. Cheating has become a lot more difficult as you can mix up the order of questions or answer options for each student, or even present each student with a slightly different set of questions.

Test on paper, grade online

If you prefer candidates to take their tests on paper, you can export a test as a PDF file for printing. Afterwards, scan the answer sheets and RemindoTest will allow you to grade the test in the same way as the digital version.

Secure collaboration made easy

The management portal in RemindoTest allows you to develop matrices or item collections in collaboration with other teams, other faculties or even other schools. The unique architecture of RemindoTest makes it easy to share tests with other faculties and schools, without losing control of your content.